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Taiwanese Projects at Asiadoc 2020
12 Free Documentaries Online
HUANG Yin-yu in the Emerging Producers Programme
Looking back the collaboration of Asiadoc
馬賽國際影展公布片單 盧彥中新作《開水喇嘛》世界首映Four Talented Filmmakers to Attend Marseille International Film Festival
Taiwanese Avant-garde Films from the 1960s in Thailand for the first time
台灣紀錄片專題於新加坡國際影展、印尼日惹紀錄片影展強勢登場Taiwanese Documentary Cinema in the Spotlight at Upcoming Films Festivals in Singapore and Yogyakarta
【TIDF】台灣競賽導演專訪:黃邦銓《回程列車》回憶顯影,回家路上My Film is about Three Things: Negatives, Memories, Travelling. About HUANG Pang-chuan’s work Return
2018 DokuFest科索沃國際影展「國家的誕生:聚焦台灣」放映片單2018 Kosovo DokuFest: “Birth of a Nation: Focus on Taiwan” screening titles
台灣專題巴爾幹半島初試啼聲-「國家的誕生:聚焦台灣」“Focus on Taiwan”: Large retrospective at Kosovo DokuFest 2018 shares issues of nationhood and identity


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