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Taiwan Docs offers an integrative information platform to facilitate dialogue between art works, audiences, and society. Our aim is to raise the visibility of Taiwan documentary, to foster communication and exchange within the creative community, and to promote Taiwan documentary at home and abroad.



Information Platform & Online Film Archive

The Taiwan Docs website provides up-to-date information on all aspects of documentary filmmaking in Taiwan. We offer a free online archive for film professionals, academics, and the general public. The Taiwan Docs website thus serves as a platform that connects Taiwan filmmakers, international film festivals, and academic film studies.

Doc Calendar for Professionals

The Doc Calendar is a service for film professionals who wish to stay informed about important events in their field. We collect information, dates and deadlines related to international film festivals, film industry events, workshops, funding opportunities etc. to serve the international doc film community.

Facilitator for International Cooperation

Taiwan Docs supports local filmmakers in promoting their works internationally to reach audiences world-wide. By showcasing Taiwan documentary in the world, we hope to foster international cooperation and dialogue.

Service à la Carte

Taiwan Docs also welcomes special requests from film professionals and academics.  We provide assistance with

  • Festival programming and curating
  • Organizing screenings and after-screening Q&As
  • Information searching and industry news   
  • Consulting for film professionals who wish to collaborate with partners in Taiwan
    and much more …

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