Finish year

Looking back the collaboration of Asiadoc

This year, Taiwan Docs collaborated the Asiadoc with Forum Film Dokumenter (FFD) and Docmonde on 21-30 August in Yogyakarta. Asiadoc is an intensive workshop platform for Southeast Asian documentary filmmakers to develop their film concept and production plans. The workshop aims to help filmmakers to work on their story in the pre-production stage so that they can strengthen their narrative and intentions, the story they want to tell and the way they want to use the language of creative documentary.


The workshop invited 2 international mentors- Vladimir Léon from France and John Torres from the Philippines to accompany 12 projects that have been selected to join the workshop. 2 projects come from Taiwan’s directors- XIXI from Fan WU and The Move from ZHENG Wei-xuan. 2 directors both gained the precious experiences from the international experiences sharing and the most crucial part is from the mentors’ one by one feedbacks as they said. This good start will bring more future collaborations next year.

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