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2017「Taiwan Docs」徵件2/20截止!已完成紀錄片&紀錄片企劃案強力徵求中!abcd
2016 DOC+ Documentary Workshop
Review on FIDMarseille 2016
Kevin H.J. LEE’s The Taste of Apple: The “Paparazzi Culture” Phenomenon in Taiwan
CHEN Chieh-jen’s Realm of Reverberations
LEE Li-shao’s Southland Soldiers: Practice the Three Principles of the People, Recover Mainland China
5 Taiwanese Documentaries streaming free from Sep. 12 to 25 at!
KUO Liang-yin and FUJITA Shuhei’s Wansei Painter: Tetsuomi Tateishi: Searching for A Person, His Paintings and History
The 18th Taipei Film Award Winners Announced
Jessica Wan-yu LIN’s TPE-Tics: Reading the Human Music Encyclopedia, Black Wolf HUANG Da-wang


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