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Activator Co., Ltd.

Activator Co., Ltd.

Address :
9F., No. 137, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei 105, Taiwan
Tel :
+886-2-7730-2648 ext.305
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Activator Co., Ltd is a professional film marketing team in Taiwan and has established over 10 years since 2011. The goal of company is to gather the movie makers and talent people for working together, and bring more great works to film lovers and audiences. For being the bridge between films and audience, the company focus on film marketing, production, distribution and sales in all genres of films. 

Activator Co., Ltd has distributed over hundred films as a well-known film marketing brand in Taiwan, including “Jump Ashin! ”, “Beyond Beauty”, “Zone Po Site”, “Detention”, “i WEiRDO”, “Incantation", and created the box office record over 1.2 billion Taiwan dollars. Activator also produced essential film works recently, including “Formosa 3D”(documentary), “Late Life: Chien Ming Wang story” (documentary), “Chen Uen”(documentary”, “i WEiRDO”(feature), “Dead Talents Society”(feature, in production), and “Papa Fuji’s Unexpected Journey”(feature, pre-production, won Grand prize of FPP in Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2021. In 2020 and 2022, Activator Co., Ltd won the best film marketing award in Taipei Film Festival by “Detention” and “Incantation”.

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