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On the train

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  • Taiwan
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106 min
  • DCP
  • railroad
  • train


There was a dense railroad system in early Taiwan, making the country once called the “Kingdom of Railroad”. The last built railroad, the South Link Line, shuttles between high mountains and the spectacular Pacific Ocean. Its rugged topography and sparse population create not only breathtaking scenery but extremely difficult constructions.

The team has spent five years exploring the stories of those on the train, of the workers and engineers who built the railroad, and the engine drivers that keep passing on the spirits of guarding their painstaking effort, generation after generation, from fathers to sons.

After the electrification of the railroad, most of the old trains and platforms in the documentary have become history. Before the final operation of the old trains, people flocked to the desolate railroad, waving their last goodbye, while bringing back their collective memories of growing up, and the romance of their own youth.

Festivals & Awards

2022 BUSAN International Film Festival


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