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Absent Without Leave

Director :
Year :


  • 台灣
Color :
Color & BW
Running Time :
83 min
  • Family
  • Malaysia
  • War
  • History


They sacrificed their lives fighting for the independence of their country, but their stories remain untold for 60 years. 

The story begins with a man’s portrait, which has been hanging for more than 30 years in an old wooden house where I was born and grew up in Perak, Malaysia. It’s long become a taboo that my families do not talk about this man, not even to bring up his name or his past. Eventually I found out he is my grandfather, who sacrificed his life fighting for Malaysia’s independence and decolonisation, but his and his comrades’ stories are excluded from history. This documentary set out to unveil the mysteries.

Festivals & Awards

2018 TIDF – Merit Prize in Taiwan Competition, Grand Prize in Chinese Documentary Award

2016 Singapore International Film Festival - Audience Choice Award

2016 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angel - Documentary Competition

2016 Taipei Film Festival

2016 Kaohsiung Film Festival


  • Director
  • Film Producer
  • Distribution
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