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Kaohsiung Film Archive

Kaohsiung Film Archive

Address :
No.10, Hesi Rd., Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City
Tel :


Kaohsiung Film Archive is the first cultural base to specifically promote image and art in southern Taiwan on a long-term basis, bringing people different visions and diversified film activities and provide solid film making lessons. It is expected to cultivate talents for the film industry and make people in Kaohsiung understand film art.  Operating based on the concept of “Public Cinema,” the Kaohsiung Film Archive organizes film-relating activities all year around and plays free or diversified artistic films from time to time, providing audience different choices other than commercial movies. Visitors can enjoy movies here everyday as long as the Film Archive is open. Kaohsiung City Government will also promote the popular “Kaohsiung Film Festival” and “Southern Taiwan Film & Video Festival” to enhance local film culture. Kaohsiung Film Archive also organizes themes film festivals regularly, bringing the astonishing visual feast.

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