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Taste of Wild Tomato

Director :
Year :


  • Taiwan
Color :
Color & BW
Running Time :
123 min
  • DCP
  • The 228 Massacre
  • Memory
  • Political Persecution


Kaohsiung served as an important military base under Japanese colonial rule and had incurred heavy casualties during the 228 Incident. The film subtly tends to the deep scars of the witnesses, survivors and their descendants as an act of resistance to oblivion. Memories survive through different eras of oppression and continue to live in people’s hearts, just like the wild tomatoes grown in this land.

Festivals & Awards

2022 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Grand Prize of Taiwan Competition

2021 Busan International Film Festival

2021 Kaohsiung Film Festival


  • Director
  • Film Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Sales/Festival Contact
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