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Under The Same Boat

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  • Taiwan
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75 min
  • Miscarriage of Justice
  • Justice


On May 27, 2009, Huo-sheng Chen, the captain of Deli 10, was sailing back to Taiwan from the Philippines. Huo-sheng Chen never imagined that the three DVD players that he had kindly helped check in for his childhood playmate became the biggest nightmare in his life.

After being hunted down by the police, the three DVD players turned out to contain sixteen bricks of heroin. Huo-sheng Chen was arrested while he felt confused. 

Although Huo-sheng Chen was successfully cleared of his suspicion in 2022, his mother passed away in the same year. The time he had lost due to the unjust case could no longer be made up in any way.

Director Statement

"Injustice! It's useless that you cry out alone; it works only when others cry out for you."

In the formation of an unjust case, the wronged person is often the one who yells out his or her injustice the loudest. Whether it is inside or outside the court, most of the wronged persons respond with silence in the discussion of their own cases, because they do not have any idea why they become the perpetrators from the beginning to the end, and they do not even understand why they have to stand in the court as a defendant. In their response, they would only voice out that they are wronged but cannot answer anything about the motivation and background of the crimes that they are accused of. However, there is indeed a must for a defendant to focus on evidence and to act with a bit of performance in the courtroom. If the judge cannot be convicned by his or her statement, or when the judge himself treats the wronged person with a certain established attitude, any injustices proclaimed by the wronged person himself or herself are very weak and unacceptable to the judge. Therefore, his or her grievances may be heard only through external forces, including the Taiwan Innocence Project, or the media, or the inner members of judicial professionals such as lawyers, prosecutors, judges, etc. who stand up and support him or her and spread the news from the outside to the judiciary, affecting even the thinking and judgment of the judge of the case.

The feeling of "wrongedness" has been experienced by everyone more or less in the course of lives. Whether it is an extremely small cheating in an exam, or a huge judicial injustice case, this kind of emotion is difficult for ordinary people to digest, not to mention that there are many "unfair" elements mixed in it.
The production of this film not only allows more people to understand Taiwan's judiciary system so as to promote reform, but also hopes to trigger the audience's empathy or the feeling of "no one wants to be treated unfairly", so that people can pay more attention to judicial injustice and tell those in the hell of unjust prisons that we are working hard to rescue every minute and every second of their lost lives. Even though we are standing outside the wall but it is indeed our goal.


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