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  • Taiwan
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
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Color & BW
Running Time :
95 min
  • overseas Taiwanese
  • Art


"Separation" is an essay documentary that delves into the intricate relationship and conflicts between contemporary Taiwanese society and European and American values. This exploration takes place through the lens of three millennial Taiwanese artists who share their overseas experiences during the pandemic and post-pandemic era. Hsiao-Chu resides in New York, Shou-An in London, and Chen-Yi in Philadelphia, each offering a unique perspective on the evolving immigrant status, personal exploration of sexuality, and the artist's profound understanding of self and community.

Director Statement

As a filmmaker with a background in Chinese and Taiwanese literature, I focus on personal narratives and use essayistic writing to empower myself in a foreign land. My proposed project will interweave my immigrant experience with those of two other immigrant women who also use art to amplify their voices, showcasing the diversity of the overseas Taiwanese community. I reflected on the meaning of making the film, as an Asian woman holding the camera, questioning its Western and masculine nature. I realized that the challenge is to maintain authenticity while performing for the camera. The identity crisis of being an overseas Taiwanese and a filmmaker emerged together. My creative challenges include language translation and establishing Taiwanese identity in cinema language. The professional challenge is the lack of representation of first generation Taiwanese filmmakers in the U.S. I do not aim to separate first and second generation immigrants but acknowledge the different challenges they face. I am learning from other ethnicities' immigrant experience and hope for more discussions on Taiwanese immigrants in documentaries.

Festivals & Awards

2021 Together We Film Scholarship

2021 Philadelphia Independent Media Fund

2021 Temple University Theater, Film and Media Art Alumni Grant

2022 Art in Odd Places (performance stipend)


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  • Producer
  • Producer
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