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  • Taiwan
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29 min
  • DCP
  • women
  • Life and Death


In a closed room with the smell of chemicals drifting through the air, Cheng Wen- Ping concentrates on sewing a broken body back together. For twenty years, she has spent more time with bodies than other people.
This year, she set up a team, and with the pressure of training students and running the company weighing on her, it is clear to her that her current condition can’t compare to her old days, but she wants to keep going despite her body and mind verging on the edge of burnout.

Director Statement

Her name is Ping, and we met two years ago. It was during a scorching summer when we stood outside the funeral home, waiting for Ping to appear, our bodies were drenched with sweat. Despite the restless weather, each restoration took at least eight hours to complete. We stayed with Ping in a stuffy room from day to night. Ping bent over, squinting her eyes as she meticulously stitched the skin and applied makeup, while her coworkers complained about their sore backs. She continued her work in silence. As the restoration work finally finished in the early morning, Ping slumped into the chair, using the last of her energy to wait for the families to arrive. It was only after we started filming that we realized how busy her life was. She slept for barely four hours each day. How did she manage such high-pressure and intense work conditions for twenty years? Her work was closely connected to death, and perhaps this film is about how one person truly keeps themselves alive.

Festivals & Awards

2023 Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films - Best Documentary Award (Student)

2022 New Taipei City Documentary Film Award - Third place


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  • Director
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