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Ginoong Taiwan

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  • Taiwan
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38 min
  • 移工
  • 家庭
  • 性別
  • 東南亞
  • 選美


Filipinos are frequent winners of global beauty pageants. They craze over pageantry not only in the Philippines, but everywhere the two million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) work. Factory OFWs Robin, John Louie and Raymond are candidates of the Ginoong Taiwan pageant held in Hsinchu. Can they grasp their dreams as they embark on the journey of companion and competition for the crown?

Director Statement

What are men like in their swinging twenties and thirties? Through our camera, we documented the thoughts of Filipino men of this age working in Taiwan: their concern for beauty, desire for love and sense of belonging to a group. In one beauty pageant after another, they show us both their self-identities and close ties to their families. Though their original purpose of working in Taiwan was to improve the financial situations of their families back home, their experiences here as well as the pandemic have changed their dreams for the future.


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