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Goodnight & Goodbye

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  • Taiwan
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65 min
  • Portrait


This is a journey in which the creator of this documentary tries to find the origin for his creation. While driving on the freeway to Puzi, Chiayi County, WU Yao-tung and Tom continue a conversation left unfinished two decades ago. The dialogue falters; clearly they live in two different worlds. After traversing this journey for 20 years, the dark spectre entangled within the depths of the mind is never driven away.

WU Yao-tung: ‘Actually, this is an emotionless, warmth-less documentary. Calling it cold and heartless is also an exaggeration. One can only say that its creator is a coward and a selfish person, who thought to throw himself into a volcano like a martyr. In reality, this only hid all the roughness and stupidity and even more ridiculous was blatantly lying about this being a dream, thinking that this created a false dichotomy of a dream world and reality. This gives rise to even more contradictions that confuse the ideals of truth and beauty that documentaries should strive for in an attempt to deflect guilt. They say that the author is dead, but retribution comes sooner or later. If the camera is ominous, the curse that it brings will in the end take away your soul.’

Festivals & Awards

2018 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Special Jury Award in Asian Vision Competition

2018 Doclisboa - International Competition

2018 Singapore International Film Festival - Docu-Memories - a glimpse into Taiwanese Documentary Cinema in its Focus

2018 Jogia-Netpac Asian Film Festival - Asian Feature

2018 Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) - Taiwan Documentary: Into the Time Capsule


  • Director
  • Film Producer
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