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Toxic Bees – Nature's Mayday

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50 min
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One-third of the world’s agriculture relies on bees for pollination.The phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has spread throughout Europe and the Americas since 2006, not merely impacting agricultural production but affecting all of humanity. One of the biggest killers is the excessive use of pesticides. Pesticides have now polluted the entire world’s ecosystem to various degrees, and if we don’t take heed of the bees’ warnings, our very survival as a species could be at risk.
Intrigued by the disappearance of bee colonies around the world, Taiwan Public Television Service’s (PTS) team spent two full years on the production of Toxic Bees - Nature’s Mayday looking for answers to CCD and examining the repercussions for human health from various angles.
Our crew covered bee farms, renowned universities, and laboratories in Taiwan and the United States, conducting extensive interviews with top scientists and beekeepers to lay bare the truth of how pesticides have completely invaded our lives today.

Festivals & Awards

2014 Jackson Hole Science Media Awards
2014 Life Science Film Festival - International Competition
2015 Rockie Awards-Environmental and Wildlife


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