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Oil Disease : Surviving Evil

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  • Taiwan
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Color & BW
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73 min
  • Society
  • Human Interest
  • Investigative
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In 1979, two major events broke out in Taiwan, they were two milestones that recorded the health caring and political development. The PCBs Poisoning Incident─Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a mixture of individual chemicals, highly toxic and harmful to human health─was the most drastic tragedy in the history of Taiwan’s public disaster. The Kaohsiung Incident was the turning point of Taiwan’s democracy movement. After nearly three decades, Taiwan is already one of the democracy countries in Asia. But the PCBs poisoning victims have disappeared dramatically from the face the earth.

While filming this documentary, the film crew tried to locate the poisoned victims back then, the blind kids at Huei-Ming school and townspeople of the impoverished areas, and managed to interview them for the scientific truth of the PCBs poisoning incident. We were surprised by the fact that Taiwan turned out to be the copycat of the public disaster of Japan in this case, and it was avoidable in the first place. The survived victims and their second generation who have inherited the poison from birth, has been left alone to fight the Toxin of the Century which is flowing in their veins, with unswerving and strong will, they are still fighting quixotically in a never ending struggle.

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Festivals & Awards

2008 South Taiwan Film Festival - Grand Prize
2008 South Taiwan Film Festival
2009 Taipei Film Festival
2009 EARTH VISION Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival
2009 Taipei Film Festival
2009 EARTH VISION Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival


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