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Rolling on the Stage, Rolling for Life

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Year :


  • Taiwan
Color :
Running Time :
76 min
  • Traditional Opera


Twenty years ago, old Taiwanese opera artist CHEN Wan-tsong set up "Zhuang San Xin Liang-le Opera Troupe" in order to pass on the soon- to-disappear art of "local Taiwanese opera". After his decease, his son CHEN Mao-yi took over and continued his father’s mission. This film documents the troupe’s transformation from an amateur community troupe to a government-subsidized one, the difficulties it faced, and the dispute over its direction. It took up to 7 years to deeply record the story of "Zhuang San Xin Liang-le Opera Troupe".

Festivals & Awards

2015-10-15 Beijing Independent Film Festival
2015-10-22 South Taiwan Film Festival
2016-05-06 Taiwna International Documentary Festival - Taiwanese Competition


  • Director
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