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Home in Two Cities

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  • Taiwan
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55 min
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Little Eiko from the south side of Peking came to the south side of Taipei, growing into the irreplaceable “Ms. Lin Hai-yin” in the Chinese literary world. Home in Two Cities tells the story from the perspective of Lin Hai-yin’s special background of having “two homelands”. With the heartfelt narration from her daughter Julie Chang, we enter her life and see her desk, the editor’s office, and how she fearlessly handled the challenges in that era of censorship and suppression; we set our feet in her garden of literature. Due to the inclusiveness and amiability of her personality and works, Lin Hai-yin’s novels stand the test of time, becoming a common memory for cross-strait readers. She is not only a friend to writers, but also a selfless and audacious mother, safeguarding the post-war Taiwanese literature from infancy to adulthood.

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Director Statement

I’ve never shot a documentary whose subject has passed away. Fortunately Ms. Lin’s daughter, Xia Ju Li, was returning to Peking to visit her family, which led me through all the landscapes in Ms. Lin’s novel, “Memories of Peking: South Side Stories.”

At the sight of her back, appearing before my eyes out of the blue was the word “two”—the dialogue between mother and daughter, the experiences of her life in Taipei and Peking, and the transition between old and new times witnessed by Ms. Lin. And I think these are the topics the film needs to explore.

As for not getting to interview the subject, Ms. Lin, I realized this limitation actually opened up more opportunities in the documents about Ms. Lin and her literary friends!

Copyright © Fisfisa Media. All Rights Reserved.

Festivals & Awards

2011 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival - Taiwan Cinema Express
2011 Taipei Film Festival - Nominee of Taipei Awards-Documentaries


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