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Taiwanese Documentaries: Asia within Reach

Join us on a trip to Asia, particularly Taiwan. In cooperation with Taiwan Docs, we invite you to watch Taiwan’s best contemporary films shown to audiences at international festivals around the world.

Watch films!

A look at Taiwan from the perspective of its colonizers is provided by The Mountain, a documentary seeking the imprints of various cultures in the Truku tribe. Terra Nullius or: How to Be a Nationalist takes us to a group of islands with an area of 7 square kilometres that are claimed by Taiwan, China and Japan. The docu-fiction Time Splits in the River tries to cope with trauma by re-enacting scenes from the dissident past. Are you a fan of Asian music? Then you must know the unique electronic sound artist Huang Da-wang introduced in the documentary TPE-Tics. Spend two weeks on the unique and distinctive island of Taiwan with DAFilms! You can watch the films until December 10, 2017.

Call for Entries: Submit your film to Taiwan International Documentary Festival
till December 8!
The festival regularly presents 130 Taiwanese and Asian films to 30 000 viewers. The festival was founded in 1998 and has 7 competition sections, including those that award the best international, Asian and Taiwanese documentaries. The festival echoes that bring the films to many Taiwanese cities are an integral part of the festival. The next edition will be held between May 4 and 13, 2018.

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