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Yi-Shan LO

Yi-Shan LO


Yi-Shan LO is an independent filmmaker, film critic, and freelance writer interested in human-nature relationships and gender issues. Since her teenage years, she has been fascinated by the intertwined relationships connecting humans and non-humans in Taiwanese subtropical mountains and forests. Conveying the beauty, cruelty, and complexity of wilderness has motivated her to make films.

Her debut documentary feature film, "After the Snowmelt," won the Excellence Award at the 2023 DMZ Docs Rough Cut Pitch in South Korea and the TAICCA x CNC Award at the 2023 TAICCA Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) in Taiwan. The film has also received support from domestic and international organizations and has been involved in various pitching forums and workshops, including the 2018 CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum in Taiwan, the 2020 DMZ Docs Development Fund in Korea, the 2021 FFD ASIADOC Creative Documentary Storytelling Workshop in Indonesia, and the 2023 Yamagata Documentary Dojo Residency in Japan.

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