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WEI Zhao-yi

WEI Zhao-yi


Born in Qishan, Kaohsiung in 1991, graduated from the Graduate Institute of Trans-Disciplinary Arts at Taipei National University of Arts. Seeking survival, exploration, and learning between life and imagery.

Throughout the creative process of documenting imagery, I have traveled to various corners of Asia with different artistic teams, from the islands of East Asia to the metropolises and rural areas of Southeast Asia. On the margins of boundaries, I have experienced the manifestation of the power of freedom in people's lives.

Due to the Covid pandemic, I returned to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2020 and reacquainted myself with this island and homeland. I began collaborating with different artists to create works. My focus in filmmaking lies in the exploration of "relationships," starting from the interactions between people, between people and objects, or between people and places. I explore how individuals interact with their environment and observe the intersection of different nationalities, ethnicities, and species. This forms the foundation of my development in documentary filmmaking.

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