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When Airplanes Fly Across

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  • Taiwan
Color :
Color & BW
Running Time :
40 min
  • DCP



An ex-Red Guard and anti-Communist soldier during the Korean War, started a three-generation family next to Taoyuan Air Base. Despite the base's historical significance during Japanese occupation and the Cold War, the Taoyuan Aerotropolis project will erase its rich history by 2025, marking another loss in Taiwan's disappearing past.

Director Statement

The three generations cover old-timers who witnessed the cruelty of war, baby boomers, and Generations Y&Z. They relate to and identify with their respective period of history, yet they live their lives next to the history-rich air force base, basking in the disappearing warmth of familiarity as they are subject to the pressure of relocation and a mixture of feelings ranging from bewilderment, anger, and reluctance to let go. Under the banner of national modernisation and the white-washing “public good,” however, these families from the disappearing compound still hold on to their diminishing reality—until households and homeowners alike are all removed from the scene, and history turns the page of annihilation. Not entirely, though. The loud noises are still heard when aeroplanes fly across.

Festivals & Awards

2024 TIDF - Nominated for Taiwan Competition

2023 Best Editing Nominee, Golden Bell Awards


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