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  • Taiwan
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69 min
  • DCP


In 1997, the Taipei City Government suddenly abolished the Taipei City Licensed Prostitution Control Measure, and overnight, 128 licensed prostitutes lost their legal right to work. They were forced to take to the streets to fight for a two-year grace period. They bravely stood up to face the public and let them know about this group of “thàn-chia̍ h-chabó” (women who make a living with their bodies). Who were they? Why did they need this job?

We knew little about Bailan. During the protest, she was one of the few ladies of the night who did not cover their faces. Activists assisting in the protest described her as a sex worker who was content to live a simple life. Each day, she would serve two or three clients, decide she had earned enough for the day, and spend the money on the stray cats in the alley behind the brothel. Other ladies in the brothel said that, despite struggling to feed herself, she was generous to the cats.

In 2005, Bailan suddenly fell into a coma.

Life after the abolition of legal prostitution was extremely difficult. As one of the volunteers who kept Bailan company and helped her recover, the documentarian gradually pieced together the stigma and pain of life as a prostitute. Using intricate takes as well as archive footage from different periods, this film presents the ruthless oppression of everyday people by policy and politics while also highlighting the warmth of relationships between people and those between people and cats.

Director Statement

In the current era of image inflation, my looking back to re-edit DV footage with a resolution of only 720×480 from almost two decades ago was not meant to negate the past me. Rather, I did it to properly face my regrets and to attempt to do what should be done to provide my materials with fair treatment.

For me, “Lauchabo” refers to both cats and humans. It is both a cat’s name and the name of this group, “thàn-chia̍ h-cha-bó”, women who make a living with their bodies. I hope that some of their moments can be remembered.

Festivals & Awards

2024 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Taiwan Competition

2023 Women Make Waves International Film Festival


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