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Taman-taman (Park)

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  • Taiwan
Running Time :
101 min
  • DCP


Taman-taman(Park): Two Indonesian poets arrange to meet in the night at Tainan Park, where they transform their daytime experiences in the park and encounters with fellow Indonesians into poetry. The sights, sounds, and emotions they gather become the basis for their poetic compositions, evolving into plans that unfold through night-time chanting, imagination, and action. Collecting during the day and releasing their creations at night, their journey resembles an ancient visual fable. However, we never get to witness the various aspects of their daytime activities; instead, we can only see the diverse images projected through the words spoken during the night.

As daylight is postponed, the endless night holds countless untold stories. Bound by it, the storytellers themselves become an integral part of the stories they narrate.

Director Statement

If we describe it with landscape painting, no matter how realistic it is, the painter cannot bring the scenery in front of them into the exhibition hall. However, looking at the landscapes that the painter has selected, modified, and embellished, sometimes the soul can be taken to a farther place. Or, the painting itself is already an independent scenery, whether as a whole or in detail, it makes people yearn for or fear.

Sometimes, when looking at landscape paintings, imagining the painter facing the scenery across this canvas, gradually, it also becomes a part of the scenery.

Festivals & Awards

2024 Taipei Film Awards - Best Documentary Nomination

2024 TIDF - Grand Prize for Asian Vision Competition, Taiwan Competition and Special Jury Prize in TIDF Visionary Award



  • Director
  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Cinematographer
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