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And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

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  • Taiwan
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Running Time :
90 min
  • DCP
  • Human Rights
  • immigrant workers


Much like the stories of the 700,000 other migrant workers in Taiwan, Vietnamese man NGUYEN Quoc Phi, who enjoyed singing, became a runaway worker in the ugly and complex migrant worker system. With his expertise in construction work, he was a leader of a group of migrants to work in Hsinchu. He dreamed of saving up enough money so he could start his own business back in his home country.

Unfortunately, one day in 2017, NGUYEN was reported for a car theft and ended up being shot nine times by policeman officer CHEN Chung-wen. NGUYEN bled to death on the way to the hospital. The Taiwanese public supported CHEN’s use of firearms against the runaway migrant who resisted arrest and with records of drug use. Were the nine shots the only cause of NGUYEN’s death? When the perpetrator isn’t necessarily the true perpetrator, is the imperfect victim the one to blame?

Director Statement

Our attitude towards minority groups distinguishes us from totalitarian regimes.

Taiwan is proud of its idea of human rights, but it seems to be premised on a specific race and class. NGUYEN’s death is an entry point for structural problems. 700,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers have no voice, but still changes can be initiated. With each of your professional abilities, resources and votes. We should work together to make Taiwan a truly co-existence and co-prosperity country.

Festivals & Awards

2024 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Taiwan Competition

2023 One World Film Festival, Czech Republic - International Competition - Right to Know

2023 Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival

2023 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival

2023 Macao International Documentary Film Festival

2023 Taipei Film Awards - Nominated for Best Documentary, Best Director

2023 Macao International Documentary Film Festival

2022 59th Golden Horse Awards - Best Documentary Feature Award


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