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Zero to Zero

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  • Taiwan
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Running Time :
99 min
  • Society
  • Political
  • Current Affairs


Among Taiwan's political forces, there are different colours and values displayed on the political spectrum, and each group has their own narratives. With its presidential and legislative elections running every four years, Taiwan has been a democratic country for nearly four decades. Being in such competitive election battles, the politicians need to make themselves visible to voters by any means, to capture their hearts and minds. While politics is like a game of chess amidst a melting pot of power, what do legislators in Taiwan do to navigate the board? Are they able to keep their promises down the road?

Director Statement

Although Taiwan has been a democratic country for nearly four decades, many people still carry DNA from a more authoritarian era. The film “Zero to Zero” explores the concept “The democratic road is inevitably rife with twists and turns, as the boundaries of freedom are deemed to be unruly and rough.”


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