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A Performance in the Church

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  • Taiwan
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78 min
  • DCP
  • History
  • Religion
  • Society


This is a documentary on the themes of contemporary art, sound art and archaeology; through the intersection of these three disciplines, it presents a journey across different times and places.

A team of archaeologists discovered the complete foundations and burials of the 17th-century Todos los Santos Church on Heping Island off northern Taiwan. Setting off from this archaeological site, the director created a cross-disciplinary musical performance. The images and sounds ultimately amalgamated with the archaeological material fragments into this film.

Director Statement

It took four years to complete this documentary, capturing the archaeological excavations on Heping Island and subsequent analyses. Filming behind-the-scenes of the archaeologists’ work really inspired me; they focus on such minute details of material fragments which are distinct from the macro-narratives of history. These are narratives brought together through material matters. None of us have experienced the distant times and spaces connected through the material fragments, such as the 17th century monastery on Heping Island, or the Cambodian-Dutch war, or the destruction of the fort in Malacca. We rely on contemporary technologies to imagine a vast space and time beyond our lived experience. In this film we attempt to present a journey of imagination through the intersection of contemporary art, sound art and archaeology.

Festivals & Awards

2024 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Taiwan Competition


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