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Zombie film with grandpas& grandmas

Director :
Year :


  • 台灣
Color :
Running Time :
81 min
  • DCP
  • Family
  • dementia


At first, this is a story about the director recording her family and her 94-year-old grandma with dementia, as she captured funny videos together in their daily lives. As a result, grandma was interviewed on the radio, and became famous on social media. The whole family was even invited to perform at a charity event. Not only that, the director asked the whole community to take part of her next big zombie film with her grandma. The entire filmmaking journey is filled with hilarious and touching moments. Would they finish the film at the end?

Director Statement

I want to use a comedic documentary film to dismantle the societal label on dementia. When society discusses dementia, it is often seen as serious or tragic. Even though dementia is a progressive disease, there is still beauty and goodness that remains in those patients. We should focus on what still exists rather than just what has been lost. We can still laugh, adventure, and fulfill dreams with dementia patients and the elderly!

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