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Family Trips

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  • Taiwan
Running Time :
24 min
  • Home video
  • Family


This work is about an experimental trip attempted by a pair of siblings who have moved out for years to get along with their parents again. The director endeavored to accompany her parents now, as her parents used to accompany them, with a family trip and home videos. The work is composed ofvideo clips from this journey and the video my father took when tour guiding in the past. The different frame sizes between V8 and full- HD video represents the time span and image interlacing by father, mother, son, and daughter. The shifting of camera shoot and the alteration of being filmed and filming (passive
and active), echo the various stages of life in the family and shape a sculpture of family relationships.

Festivals & Awards

2022 South Taiwan Film Festival - selected in Citizen Tainan Award program


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  • Director
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