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A Fight to the Death

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  • Taiwan
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49 min


Among the hills of Baoshan in Hsinchu County there used to be a village. 36 years ago, in order to establish the Hsinchu Science Park, the government decided to build the Baoshan Reservoir, and the villagers were forced to leave their homes behind. Not all of their lands were expropriated, but the use and development of the lands that were left were severely restricted, leaving the villagers with no way to ever return home. Over the years, many elderly former residents have passed away in disappointment, buried along with the unfair and unjust system. We want to know why these people refuse to give up after more than 30 years of fighting for their causes, and why they have become obsessive, even paranoid, during the excruciating legal process. This documentary intends to uncover the truth, and to reflect the villagers' dilemma as well as the helplessness they feel.

Director Statement

HSIEH Hsin-chih & CHEN Chih-an: 'For a directly elected government that requires support from its own people, it is unfathomable how our government keeps acquiring private lands in a controversial way. We attended relevant public hearings with many questions. When we witnessed how the villagers cried out in anger, and how the government officials remained unable to respond to the citizens' needs while still forcing them to surrender their properties, we realised there was more at stake than was professed. Injustice in land acquisition is merely a symptom of twisted values and complex political maneuvers.'

Festivals & Awards

2021 TIDF (Taiwan International Documentary Festival) - Taiwan Competition


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