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A Rolling Stone

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  • 台灣
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42 min


He has tattoos. He writes poems. He paints. He has done a few dirty jobs. When he was in prison for the second time, he received a literary award. With a poor sense of direction, he jokes that he needs to "design an escape route" everytime he goes back to his hometown. Carrying 37 keys, he seems to have no idea where life is leading him to. He is always looking for work, friends and love, but gets lost again and again.

Director Statement

People all around me remind me that I am no longer at the age of dreaming. Worrying about the future became the motivation to start filming Benjamin. He used to be young, lived at my age, and was so ideal and high-spirited. He said that creation, for him, is just like the sun and the moon, and the other side that keeps looking forward into. He always pursues the gap between reality and life ideals, work, friends and love, but gets lost again and again…… Staring at him behind the camera, watching every road he has walked through and the one he will take. It seems to be the best these days.

Festivals & Awards

2022 Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) - Taiwan Competition
2021 New Taipei City Student Film Festival - Grand Prize
2021 Women Makes Waves International Film Festival
2021 Taipei Film Festival


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