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Liberty Square

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  • 台灣
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12 min
  • Politics
  • History
  • Transitional Justice


In the memorial park for the great leader/dictator lies a square called "Liberty". Through gazing at this place, I would like to reveal what is the legacy of authoritarianism which the dictator left on contemporary Taiwan.

Director Statement

I was always wondering about the people who play in Liberty Square. Are they aware they are under the statue of the great leader/dictator's eyes? And do the tourists from all over the world really know who the person they pay their respects to? The whole field is an ironic symbol of freedom. Through gazing at this memorial hall and interweaving the voice-overs from propaganda films, it shows that the dictator left a legacy of authoritarianism on contemporary Taiwan. It also means we are still living in a confusing history and a contradictory democracy.

Festivals & Awards

2020 Golden Horse Film Festival - Chinese Global Vision


  • Director
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