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Green TV's Inaugural Film

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  • 臺灣
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11 min
  • Politics
  • History
  • Green Team


Broadcast media should serve as tools for the voices of society, yet for a long time the KMT has held a monopoly over Taiwan's TV channels, using the lack of channel bandwidth as an excuse for its stranglehold. This is much the same as the ban on newspapers: the KMT justified the ban by claiming there was not enough space in the market for new newspaper, which only served to control and dominate the media to do its bidding. Green Team thus went into action to override these unreasonable restrictions. During the election campaigns for county magistrates, county council members and national legislators in late 1989, Green Team set up a satellite transmission channel on its own, establishing Taiwan's first TV channel by the people for the people, and poking a hole in the KMT's arguments. The news covered on the first day of the channel's broadcast included the massive rally for Taipei County magistrate candidate YOU Ching, the‘voting brigade’mobilised by the Hsinchu Veterans’Society and live striptease shows at KMT rallies. In addition, the channel held a launch press conference at YOU's campaign headquarters, which became a major news event.

This film was selected in "What's the Colour for Documentary? The 30th Anniversary of Green Team" of 2016 TIDF.

Festivals & Awards

2016 TIDF - What's the Colour for Documentary? The 30th Anniversary of Green Team


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