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Story Island

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The documentary explores Taiwan through travel and music and tells heart-warming stories of ordinary people. The cascade of hustle and bustle at Taipei murmurs the anecdotes of the present in the past, while the water of the Sun Moon Lake hums unknown tunes. The tropical sun at Kenting beats down with passionate rhythm, and the genial moon at Taitung plays piece after piece of serenity. Performed by the National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, its namesake concert is a multi-media presentation showcasing indigenous vocals and instruments for solos, bringing us back to the pristine land on the wings of music. It was the debut concert of CinCin Lee, winner of the 21st Golden Melody Awards, presented with the documentary by the meticulous director Lungnan Isak Fangas, and visual art designed by fourtime Grammy Award nominee for album design Qing-yang Xiao, who gleans ideas from every corner of Taiwan. This multi-media presentation is an audio-visual journey taking the audience across this beautiful story island to see its unique landscapes and to know its local cultures.

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