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54 min
  • Migrant Worker
  • Indonesia


Gubuk (Hut) is an experimental project growing out of Indonesian migrant workers' personal experiences in Taiwan. Gathering in a staged hut built out of abandoned materials from a factory, the workers retell and re-enact their own stories under fabricated identities. In this space where fiction intersects with reality, they share tales of escape, of loss, and of suffering.

Director Statement

SO Yo-hen: 'The protagonist of this film is the "gubuk", namely the hut, which we built inside a factory using leftover materials. With the goal of making a film, we invited several Indonesian migrant workers to develop the script together through a series of workshops and activities. The film does not feature any real runaway workers; everybody simply speaks and interacts under such an identity. These actors all had jobs in factories and only had time on weekends to shoot the film. It was a lot like working overtime, because they were still working and acting in a factory; the difference was merely in the nature of the work. Despite the fact that I just said 'merely', this was actually the most meaningful part of this whole project to me. And each time when they wrapped up for the day, they always said to me: "Thanks, Boss".'

Festivals & Awards

2020 Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival - Taiwan Competition

2019 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival - New Asian Currents

2019 South Taiwan Film Festival - Path Breaker Award

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