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The Boiling Water LAMA

Director :
Year :


  • Taiwan
Color :
Running Time :
76 min
  • Religion
  • Tibet
  • Buddism
  • Life
  • Culture


A small village, Xiongtuo, situated in the Tibetan remote region in Sichuan, China. By word of mouth, there is a “boiling-water Lama” resides at the village. The Lama lives in a wooden house built by followers, which is in a mountainous area around 5,000 meters high. Every day, countless people from the major Tibetan regions travel across the mountains to visit him in order to seek for the answer for their own lives. They consult with him regarding the questions, such as “Where did my deceased relatives go?” “What is the cause of my headache?” “What should I do if my son is sent to jail?” “Is it still possible for me to remarry my ex-wife?” Meanwhile, the water on the stove was boiled, and the believers wait outside taking off their shirts one by one, ready to get the unique “answer”from the Lama….


  • Director
  • Film Producer
  • Production
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