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Let's Fall in Love – Series II

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  • Family
  • Marriage


Taiwan is a country with the highest divorce rate and lowest marriage and birth rate in the world. Now, Taiwanese young people are fighting for their marriages when facing the challenge of “filial piety”. The people who are deciding to get married are afraid to tell their parents. Their family is an obstacle between their marriages. How do you make peace with parents when they become the strongest opponents of your desired marriage?
Some parents will disown the about-to-get-married couple, some will kidnap to prevent their child from getting married, and some will even refuse to attend the wedding. Joyous occasions turn into sadness and chaos. The story presents the deep-rooted traditional value in Chinese society – the parents still see children as their property.

Festivals & Awards

2012 Beijing Film Market Project Pitches
2012 Puma Award


  • Director
  • Film Producer
  • International Sales Contact
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