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Match Point

Director :
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Match Point takes us on a self-discovery journey of the twenty-seven year-old female tennis player HSIEH Su-wei as she strives for the Grand Slam titles. She achieved her first Grand Slam dream by winning the 2013 Wimbledon female doubles championship with her Chinese partner PENG Shuai. The “Cross-Strait” pair continued to amaze their countries by winning the 2013 WTA final female doubles championship and 2014 French Open female doubles championship. Unlike other bio chronics, the film begins with championship point, interspersing with every single emotional moments of when Su-wei has to confront with her family, her friends and struggles with the matches.
Thus it is not a cliché type of another inspiring story, but rather a deep reveal of a female young athlete’s struggling self-growing process. In addition, the film evolves in a complex background of “Cross-Strait” relations. With such relations, the film has a great chance to take another look at the difference of sport systems in these two nations.


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