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The Dream in the Mirror

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15 min
  • Culture
  • Portrait


The story is about a bamboo shoot salter from a traditional market. She is also a “self-portrait artist” whose works are collected by the National Museum of Fine Art. Her name is LIU Yi-lan. Through her, you can see a typical image of a “Taiwanese female from the old era”. She is always struggling for gender, class and destiny.
However, this is not a story about inspirations. This is a mysterious journey told through LIU’s self-portraits. LIU stares at the mirror everyday that is the way she paints. Time and again, LIU stands in front of the mirror searching for meaning and definitions as she navigates between her soul and flesh. Her body is the battlefield.

Festivals & Awards


2015 Chinese Documentary Festival

2013 New Taipei City Documemtary Film Award - Merit Prize


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