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Hand in Hand

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Director :
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  • Taiwan
Color :
Color & BW
Running Time :
140 min
  • Portrait
  • Politics
  • History


Mrs. TIAN is over 80 years old. She and her late husband had been married over 50 years and experienced the White Terror period of Taiwan together. The filmmakers focus on their love story and also how they dedicated themselves in fighting for Taiwan independence. They had even been involved in almost every social movements in 1980s, which is the key moment for bringing an end to the practice of martial law in Taiwan. This film includes many interviews, archive footages and animation to represent the history, showing us how precious freedom is, as well as the bitterness, sweetness, difficulties and simplicities of life.


Festivals & Awards

2010 Taipei Film Festival
2010 South Taiwan Film Festival - Grand Prize
2010 Taiwna International Documentary Festival - Grand Prize of Taiwan Award
2012 Golden Horse Awards - Nomination of Best Documentary


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  • Director
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