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Crossings Love

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  • Taiwan
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Running Time :
82 min
  • Gender
  • Family
  • Generation
  • Youth
  • Senior


Sometimes, destiny is like a photocopy machine that copies several generations of a family. Characters in this file decide to speak up and act out to face family conflict. The director tries to discuss the issue of domestic violence in trilateral angles, mother, father and child to explore abused children in domestic violence about how such experience would influence them when they grow up.

Copyright © Shiao-yun KUO. All Rights Reserved.

Director Statement

Love is not only a promise to intimacy, but also a bond that tie a whole family. For the past five years, when I was filming other families, and recording their ideas, the process was always full of anxiety or anger. It was the pure curiosity and sense of justice that sustained to finish filming. That is why feel that fate is like a copy machine that reproduce generations of lives. Speaking up is the only way to face the darkness enveloping a family, and to conclude the storm of a life.

Copyright © Shiao-yun KUO. All Rights Reserved.

Festivals & Awards

2012 Women Make Waves Film Festival - Audience's Choice
2012 Women Make Waves Film Festival


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