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At the mention of female breasts, most might not find it in their abilities to escape the instant entrapments of erotic associations. Nowadays people in Taiwan could hardly recall the very primal function of the breasts of feeding infants. Since an indefinite point in time, the living space we take for granted has somehow omitted the sight of women nursing the young.

In the old days, nursing rooms were unimaginable; formula milk was neither an option nor an affordable choice for most people. You might chance upon a nursing woman anywhere at any given hour back then. However, when a mother these days makes a decision to nurse the young herself and join the minority species of nursing moms, the conflicts between the public and private realms of a mother’s body often jump right at you – especially in the conservative, traditionally male-dominant segment of this island country.

This documentary short investigates the society’s take on women nursing in public places for an obvious reason: people’s points of view play a big part in making or breaking nursing moms’ willingness to leave the “safe haven” of the home. By revealing many sides, Ne Ne (Breasts) aims to influence with its core of humanistic concerns so that nursing moms could feel the support and turn their once hidden and/or oppressed presence in the city into active fearless participation. Hopefully the tender scene of moms nursing their young ones would soon reenter our daily environments and add a much-awaited element of freedom and warmth to the urban landscape.

Source: Taiwan Int'l Women Make Waves Film Festival

Festivals & Awards

2005 Women Make Waves Film Festival
2005 Women Make Waves Film Festival

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