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Southland Soldiers

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  • Taiwan
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55 min
  • War
  • Memory


In southern Taiwan live a number of veterans, who are forgotten by the world. Belonging to an army known as the Yunnan Anti-Communist National Salvation Army, they were the last guerrillas to retreat from Burma to Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War in 1961. Even the children in this army couldn’t escape the fate of fighting communists. They had to fight and run in the hot, humid rainforest, striving hard for survival in this tug-of-war with death.

Over the past 50 years, these soldiers have settled down by the desolate riverside full of cobbles. But now, another silent war has begun as the environment they live in is has long been disrupted.

Festivals & Awards

2015-03-10 Golden Harvest Awards - Special Screening
2015-09-09 Chinese Documentary Festival - First Runner-up
2016-05-07 Taiwna International Documentary Festival - Taiwanese Compition


  • Director
  • Producer
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