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Funny Competition Between Labor and Management: You Have Me in You

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  • Taiwan
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137 min
  • Society
  • Human Interest


Taiwan's industrial development of the last three decades has been called an "economic miracle." However, in the last decade, labor-intensive industries have been closing down in large numbers and production were moved to Southeast Asia and China. These companies claim bankruptcy in order to avoid pension payments and other benefits to mature workers. The Oriental Knitting Corporation of Tainan is such a case.

Due to the crippled execution of the laws and inept bureaucracy, as well as the exploitation of capitalists, labor movements have never really ended in Taiwan. A laborer in protest cried out loud : "We have our own rights and we do not want anybody from the government to take away our rights!" The issue in this film is the struggle of some 300 workers, most of them about to lose their full pension and severance pay after the closure of Oriental Knitting Corporation in November 1996. This film is Lo's second film on labor issues, and has been recognized with an award in Taiwan. This documentary took over two years to make.


Source: Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Festivals & Awards

1998 Taipei Film Festival - Best Documentary Award
1998 Taipei Film Festival
1999 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
1999 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
2000 Taiwna International Documentary Festival
2000 Taiwna International Documentary Festival


  • Director
  • Cinematographer
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