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See You, Lovable Strangers

Director :
Director :
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  • Taiwan
Color :
Running Time :
62 min
  • Human Rights
  • Labour
  • Globalisation



In 2017, the total number of migrant workers in Taiwan has reached 600,000, which is higher than the total population of indigenous people in Taiwan as well as new immigrants. However, the conditions of life and work of migrant workers are completely different from the rest of Taiwan. The lives of undocumented, or “illegal”, migrant workers are unknown to most people. This film is a sequel to the 2013 film Lovely Strangers, which won the Outstanding Award at Golden Harvest Awards. See You, Lovable Strangers continues to follow Vietnamese migrant workers, to examine the reasons behind their numerous escapes and to trace the family situations of those who were deported from Taiwan.


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