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Bridge Over Troubled Water

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  • Taiwan
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104 min
  • Urban
  • Rural
  • Family
  • Generation
  • Youth
  • Senior


8th August 2009. The flood caused by a typhoon destroyed Jiaxian, a small town in the mountains. It had once been a popular tourist attraction known for its local produce, but its vitality was completely lost in the catastrophe. Nonetheless, despite the lack of proper shoes, tracks and other equipment, a group of children in Jiaxian Elementary School fought to bring the highest honour to their hometown in the tug-of-war games. They tried to regain the self-confidence and courage lost in the disaster. The courage and spirit these young tug-of-war players demonstrate inspired the adults whose faith was swept away by the flood.
In addition, ignored by Taiwanese society, a group of mothers who came from other countries have lived here for a long time. They arrived in Taiwan with false expectation fed by the agents. They were convinced that they would lead a very comfortable life here. Nevertheless, the cruel reality proves them so wrong that some of them need to work hard to hold their families together. But these mothers do not complain. After the flood, with the traditional food of their countries and their beautiful singing, they inject the badly needed energy into the community.

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Festivals & Awards

2013 Taipei Film Festival
2013 Taipei Film Festival


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