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  • Taiwan
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52 min
  • Society
  • Human Interest


On January 1, 2003,President Chen Hsui-Bian declared:" I have felt the people's anguish and pain, and would like to express my gratitude and best wishes to the hard-working people of Taiwan and their unrelenting strivings."

"A new year had just begun. I saw him ride his bicycle through the bustling city streets. I followed him like a paparazzi journalist. I wanted to know about him. The director is a veteran documentary filmmaker on labor disputes, environmental issues, and social movements. This is his first attempt at taking a single individual as the subject of his documentation. In the form of a feature length film, "The camera struggles with my control and my ideas. With elements of the surreal, a simple story becomes infused with the illusory dreamscape of humanity and faith. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to document the journey of a simple man's life. That of Mr. Koh Kun-Hui."

Festivals & Awards

2004 South Taiwan Film Festival - Grand Prize
2004 South Taiwan Film Festival


  • Director
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