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  • Taiwan
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33 min
  • Urban
  • Rural


When girl Molia closed her eyes, she can see this island in her mind. Saw her grand father, brother, sister and her childhood friends... 14 years old Molia was from a small fish village and was hired as maid by a Chinese family in Jakarta, where it is her first time to learn how to use rice cooler, electricity lamp.

Source: Taiwan Int'l Documentary Film Festival

Director Statement

" I tried not to shoot with the interacting way to stimulate her reaction. Otherwise, I took the differences of the images of other people and the landscapes of the small island and big city to present Molia's sweet island which she has to run away." -- Lee, Li-Shao


Source: Taiwan Int'l Documentary Film Festival

Festivals & Awards

2005 Golden Harvest Awards - Merit Prize
2005 Taipei Film Festival - Best Documentary
2005 Local Voice Film Festival - Special Mention
2005 Golden Harvest Awards
2005 Taipei Film Festival
2005 Local Voice Film Festival


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