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  • Taiwan
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59 min
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That old street is no longer flourish. The walls have fallen and houses were abandoned. But still living for those who were forgotten by times. Grandpas playing cards, chatting and drinking tea. Grandmas doing laundries. Playing jazz barbers, groaning old man without a partner. A life experienced mother protecting her handicap son, happy old veterans and an old lady living in a haunted house. They slept inside the old house, but doing everything outside the house. They helped each other, day by days, year by years.

Every year, from the beginning till the end of the seventh month in the lunar month. The islanders take their terms to run a ceremony for those forgotten spirits. Hoping thousands of those spirits which left on the island would accepts their faithfully sacrifice. May it be peace between the land of the dead and the land of human beings.

Lonely and helpless people like this island are just like the a show on a movie, shows on and then shows off.

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Director Statement

There was once an island located in the southern China sea. It’s the touchstone whether Taiwan and China can be reunited or independent again. It’s also the answers to the two nations. Hundreds of years, the island had experienced invasion of pirates. Taken over by those patriots who tried to recover their lost homeland. Bombed by thousands of shells. Many people killed here and became one of many spirits on the island.

If you come to the island. You will see a lots of temples and Gods, frequently offer sacrifices to God and ancestors and ceremonies, as well as those boys and girls who have lost their wits wandering around the station. This island seems to be cursed for thousands of years and now sleeps and lost in the space time.

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Festivals & Awards

2012 Taipei Film Festival
2012 Taiwna International Documentary Festival
2012 Taipei Film Festival
2012 Taiwna International Documentary Festival


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