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Formosa Dream, Disrupted

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  • 台灣
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145 min
  • Society
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Mudslides came after a devastating earthquake, forcing 20 families to move out from their homes at the Chingshui village of Chungliao township in central Taiwan.

Seeking a new place to rebuild their homes, residents found a piece of state-owned land at the mountain foot. But using state-owned property to accommodate earthquake victims is unprecedented.

With assistance from the outside, residents finally made a breakthrough after two years of efforts in garnering the rights to lease the land and were ready to rebuild their home.

However, after the county government started the public construction, residents' dream of rebuilding homes disappeared overnight.

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Director Statement

"Life is full of unpredictable events and situations and I couldn't believe that I had spent more than seven years of my life following the 921 earthquake. However, I really appreciated the opportunity to record what had happened since this historic disaster, which gave me the chance to enter reconstruction sites and allowed me to get close to the real Taiwanese society through camera. I have gained a deeper understanding of this island that nurtures me through these personal experiences with the multi-layered Taiwanese culture." - Huang Shu-Mei

Festivals & Awards

2008 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Taiwan Focus

2007 South Taiwan Film Festival - Grand Prize

2007 Local Voice Film Festival - Merit Award

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